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Chandrobindu is one of the most efficient logistical agency in the country. Though it has established in 2007, Chandrobindu is an agency specializing in the logistical organization and delivery of a large range of inspired and professionally managed entertainment and corporate events.

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  • Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh
  • +880 1792036518
  • chandrobindu.m.c14@gmail.com
  • Week Days: 10.00 to 18.00
    Friday: Closed


Fire Safety Solution


Our mission is to create awareness about overall fire safety with the people of Bangladesh. We also planned to train them how to fight with fire or how they can save their lives or valuable assets from fire.

For this reason we will arrange workshop or shall give trainning to the People Republic of Bangladesh by our elite and experienced fire fighting team. Above all, we would like to give our future generation a country which is safe from "FIRE".


Chandrobindu Media Communication Private Limited is a renowned advertising firm in Bangladesh serving various corporate clients across the country since 2007. In its journey since 2007, Chandrobindu Media Communication Pvt. Limited always thinks of contribute something potentials which add value in the betterment of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh directly.

On the way of searching we discovered that; most peoples of Bangladesh have not still taken Fire Safety seriously. They still don’t know the usage of fire extinguisher or other relevant tools which could save their life, properties or other precious things from fire. In this consequence Chandrobindu Media Communication Pvt. Limited choose to serve different type of fire safety solutions from 2017. It starts working with the other govt. and non govt. agencies to ensure highest level of fire safety by introducing its various latest technologies with the people republic of Bangladesh. It also planned to educate people through their expert and experienced fire fighting team by giving training arranging workshop on fire safety solutions.